PrescriptionRx - Mexican pharmacies online the Do's and Don'ts. Is a Mexico pharmacy in your future? Thinking about prescription drugs from Mexico? Visiting Mexican pharmacies or buying prescriptions online? This is a must read. Foreign Pharmacies Online - Logo

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Travel to Mexico - We only recommend shopping at Mexican pharmacies if you are going there in-person and know specifically what you are purchasing. We provide valuable information on buying medications while visiting Mexico. Stay away from border towns such as Nogales, Brownsville and Tijuana due to rampant gang violence.

Beware - There are many new and not-so-new websites promoting Mexican pharmacies or pharmacy lists of which you should be wary. At PRX, we've been waiting since before 1997 to find a Mexican Pharmacy that is reliable for mail order. Therefore, we do not list any Mexican pharmacies that ship from Mexico. Here's why:

Fraud - We've evaluated dozens of reportedly "good" mail order Mexican Pharmacies over the years. Our evaluation and member input indicates medications rarely arrive. Since most require pre-payment by Money order or Western Union (a big red flag anywhere), there is no recourse for refunds or dispute.

Mail Theft - Mail thought to contain drugs is on the top of the list of stolen articles while in transit.

Border Patrol - Since Mexico is a haven for smuggling contraband into the United States, packages shipped from Mexico are under very close scrutiny by US Customs Officials. Since Customs officials can not possibly make distinctions on which medications are legitimate, and which ones are contraband, they simply confiscate them all at the border.

Sub-standard Medications - There are plenty of legitimate medications being produced in Mexico. But other companies, making products with very similar names, also manufacture drugs there. They are not the same, and the website or mail-order shopper has no way to make the distinction until his/her money is gone.

Drug Availability Misrepresentation - Contrary to what many websites say, Oxycontin, Percocet, and other Schedule II medications, are not easy to obtain by mail order or over the net - In fact, these drugs are highly controlled in Mexico and very expensive. (see Sub-standard Medications and Fraud, above)




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"Dear PRX Staff,
I was just about to Fed Ex a rather large sum of cash to a Mexican Pharmacy I got from a list on a free website. THEN I found you guys, read your warnings, and decided to back out of the purchase. Its all to easy to forget that "A fool and his money are easily parted".

Thanks PRX!!!
you guys saved me a BUNDLE


Here's a typical email we get from new members who ordered from Mexican Websites before joining PRX

I ordered meds from and the $250.00 was paid to MexPacificSales via my PayPal account on the same day. I have e-mailed them 5 times requesting shipping information etc, and keep getting back the same automatic e-mail response, saying they will be in touch with me shortly.

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