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    PrescriptionRx Privacy Policy
    This is one of the websites owned and maintained by PRX Web Publishing, Ltd. (PRX)

    For the purposes of THIS website, we can be reached via email by using the appropriate form at "Contact Us". Or if you do not receive a response within 24 hours, you can reach us by telephone at 440-808-8732 (email is much more efficient for us.)

    We collect aggregate (anonymous) information on when and what pages visitors view on site. This information is used only to improve the content of our websites. We also collect your IP address where a purchase has been initiated to help protect us from credit card fraud. On certain technical support forms on our website, we also collect browser type, operating system and/or computer type for the sole purposes of assisting you in specific technical support issues you may have.

    Cookies - On some pages we use benign "session cookies" which expire shortly after you leave our website. These are used for the sole purpose of proper navigation on our website. On our member website we use "persistent cookies" to further enhance your website experience. You may optionally turn off these cookies in your browser but it may limit some of the enhanced componets

    Regarding Ad Servers, we have a very low opinion of them and do not permit them on our websites. PrescriptionRx is self supporting from membership activities.

    Your Email Address is stored in your member record, or if you have otherwise submitted it to us. If you would like us to delete it please let us know. (we can't delete email addresses of current members, as they are used for identification purposes

    Upon request we provide site visitors with access to all information [including proprietary information] that we maintain about them - pretty boring stuff, actually! For our protection, we maintain copies of correspondences. If you wished to be emailed a copy of YOUR stuff, please send a detailed email to us, and after verification of your identification, we will provide any information we have stored about you. For Security purposes, If we have any credit card information stored about you, we will NOT provide the information we have on file, but we will verify it with what you provide us in your request.

    PRX Web Publishing Ltd
    25935 Detroit Rd #336
    Cleveland OH 44145 USA


    Online Payments

    With respect to security: We have appropriate security andencryption mechanisms in place in our physical facilities to protect against the loss, misuse or alteration of information that we have collected from you at our site. We use SSL security on all forms that request sensitive information regarding payments.

    We understand that many people are concerned about security on the internet. We want you to know that PRX has taken every possible precaution to ensure a secure shopping environment. That's why we created this statement which discloses PRX's practices regarding collection and dissemination of your personal financial information.

    Despite some hype to the contrary, stealing credit card numbers on the internet is not very common, and it is nearly impossible if you take certain precautions. In fact, keeping your credit card number a secret is easier on the internet than at the mall, on the phone, or at the gas station. While anyone can root through trash cans behind retail stores to find credit card receipts, only a skilled few can intercept e-mail, and most of them have too much to lose by trying.

    To VERIFY your transaction is secure, we have a GoDaddy SSL encryption certificate in place.

    PrescriptionRx is Secured by GoDaddy SSL - click the GoDaddy logo on any secured page to verify this
    On the secured pages, the above icon will be present, and you can click on it to check on validity

    What security precautions does PRX take?
    We want you to know that we have taken every possible precaution to ensure a secure environment.

    All web sites owned and operated by PRX use SSL security - this means your private information is encrypted before it is transferred over the internet.

    We never e-mail your credit card number or personal information - All personal information, including your credit card number is encrypted while in transit.

    What is SSL encryption?
    SSL is a technology that encodes your information as it is sent, then decodes it once it gets to the other end. If anyone in the middle intercepts it, your information will look like a bunch of gibberish.

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